Microbiological Analysis and Reporting System

MARS is designed to assist pharmaceutical companies from bluechip to biotech in managing, analysing and reporting essential microbiological and clinical data.

Powerful, intuitive analysis and reporting tools allow output for reports, presentations, publications and regulatory submissions.

MARS treats your microbiological data with the same rigour you apply to clinical trial data.

Request a webinar demoMain features
MARS continues our 20-year history of building innovative databases for handling anti-infective drug development data to provide the ultimate product for analysing susceptibility testing data from a variety of sources, be it Discovery, External Studies, Surveillance or Clinical Trials.

Micron was the first company to develop a web-based analysis tool for surveillance (The Alexander Project) and we have continued this evolution with AEGIS, PROTEKT, PROTEKT US, MYSTIC, TEST, IRIS, ROSCO and ATLAS.

Starting from first principles, we have designed a system that allows for upload, processing, data mapping and validation of raw data (this can be offered as an outsourced service, too), with full data archiving and traceability. All data and filters used to produce reports are archived together with the dataset used to allow “rollback” at a later date.

Major features include:

Upload data

from Discovery, External Studies, Surveillance and Clinical Trials
the ability to upload data directly from Local Laboratories

Combine data sources as needed
Validated for use with clinical data
Geographic resistance heat maps

Extensive analyses

  • MIC distributions
  • MIC summary statistics
  • Resistance profiles
  • Cross resistance
  • Pre-set and customisable breakpoints
  • Interactive charts
  • Subset data by any parameter in your uploaded file
    e.g. age; collection date; MIC or Zone size; geographic location; etc.
  • Standard (CLSI, EUCAST, etc) and user-defined breakpoints can be applied

Reports can be:

  • Saved and rerun on new data uploads
  • Downloaded as PDF or image files for incorporation into publications
  • Exported as an Excel file for further analysis