Data Management

Our Data Centre Hub is based at the Micron UK office, and from here we can meet all of your data delivery and statistics needs, from initial study design through to statistical analysis and reporting.

Data Management Expertise:

Protocol review
CRF design
eCRF development using in-house EDC
Detailed reporting and metrics
Submission ready data (SDTM & ADaM)
Statistical planning, analysis and reporting
Products available from Data Management
Microbiological Analysis and Reporting System

MARS is a powerful, rigorous, analytical and reporting system for managing microbiological and clinical data.

SOP Management and Training System

The cornerstone of our quality procedures. This system was developed in-house and ensures the control, dissemination and training on our quality management processes. Fully validated and provides a robust audit trail.

OPTI Systems logo
Micron has also developed OPTImize (Observe, Perform, Train, Improve)
A multi-faceted system that provides customised methodologies for evaluating healthcare and clinical training outcomes.

Our Data Management team works closely with colleagues in Clinical Research to use the suite of OPTI products in Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) and Registry studies.

Micron’s data management processes encompass our own EDC solution.

By keeping all development and maintenance in-house, we can respond quickly to study requirements and provide a solution when necessary.

Our eCRF build process starts with the definition of a traditional paper CRF, and once the design is approved, we can deliver a fully functional eCRF ready for training within two weeks.
At the start of a trial we work closely with CRAs to deliver detailed training on the eCRF and ensure high quality data for reporting.

Our EDC system offers full control of the data throughout a study, enables the export of the final data in a format that includes the full audit trail of all changes to the eCRF, and mirrors the original CRF design.

Case Studies
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