Micron scientific/medical publications position statement

Micron has been involved in generating manuscripts for publication in respected biomedical peer-reviewed journals since our foundation over 20 years ago. We work to the highest standards of scientific accuracy and follow ethical best practice. All our writers involved in the research and preparation of manuscripts for journals, or abstracts and posters for presentation at congresses, apply the following principles to our work:

  • Adhere to international ethical guidelines and regulations relevant to scientific and medical publications, in particular those set out by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and specified in GPP3.1,2
  • Liaise with authors to ensure that their intellectual contribution and interpretation of data are represented fully in submitted manuscripts, and ensure that each author meets the definition of authorship, as defined by the ICMJE criteria.1
  • Adhere to reporting standards for health research specified by reporting guidelines for the main study types listed on the EQUATOR website.3 This includes reporting all clinically relevant study endpoints, specifying wherever post-hoc analyses may be employed, and specifying if data have been previously disseminated, either as a poster, abstract or manuscript.
  • Always fully disclose funding sources and declarations of interest of companies, organisations and authors, and acknowledge contributors who do not qualify for authorship (for example, medical writers).


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