Worldwide surveillance study

The client, a global pharmaceutical company, commissioned a large, international antimicrobial resistance surveillance study starting in 2004, for their first-in-class broad-spectrum antimicrobial, with its findings to be reported in respected peer-reviewed journals.

This ongoing long-term programme requires processing of raw data generated by the study, expert interpretation and preparation of high-quality manuscripts in collaboration with lead investigators from the study.

Micron’s data managers and statisticians receive raw data directly from the central laboratory and produce summary tables for Micron writers. All manuscript drafts generated by our writers receive intellectual input and review comments from authors.

During the 12-year history of the collaboration, more than 45 titles have been published, with several further manuscripts in development. Our in-house expertise in global antimicrobial resistance also means that Micron is responsible for developing and managing the study website, which allows registered users access for interrogating the data directly.