Site and Risk-based Monitoring
Site monitoring management

Micron believes in establishing and maintaining a rapport with the study site staff, to create an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

We have found this approach to be crucial for site performance and successful execution of the clinical trial. Our clinical research associates are involved in the management of the clinical study from participation in initial study submissions, to site identification and selection efforts, and through all stages of the trial to site close-out visits and database lock. We develop a collaborative relationship between the monitor, the sponsor and the sites, so site staff feel invested in the conduct of the trial, are well trained and receive support and encouragement.

Risk-based monitoring

At Micron, we believe that technological advances can improve the efficiency of monitoring while on-site, improving the quality of the site’s trial data and performance, and thus ultimately the quality of the clinical trial.

Our experienced members of staff recognise the importance of risk-based monitoring in improving the efficiencies of ensuring the safety of the study subjects and the quality of the collected data. By identifying critical data and processes, assessing, monitoring and using the evidence and information gathered to mitigate risks that could affect data quality and/or the safety of the patients, we can control costs through effective use of resources and deliver premium data quality.